As a painter who has never experienced printing, I encountered an extraordinary printer, Josh Tanguen, who had yet to paint. We thought a collaboration was in order to explore the abilities our separate aesthetics could manage if we put them together. 

I created the painting. Josh printed them as lithographs. 


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Denise Gunter

The "Automatic" Stool. 2018

Hard Maple, Bloodwood, Walnut, Ash, European Beech, Butternut, Basswood (spacers)

11.35" in height

Rhode Island School of Design, Furniture Department with Meg Callahan.


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Denise Gunter

Back in 2015 I chose to commit to an action for (surprise, surprise) 100 days.

I chose to repeat.

The 100 Day Project is a collaboration between The Great Discontent and the ever-inspiring, Elle Luna. If you aren't familiar with either of the two, I suggest you become so. The prompt asks you to choose one action to commit for 100 days and then document it on Instagram. Every post is tagged with the hashtag, #The100DayProject, so we travel this path together. 

As I've moved forward with my work since, I always return to this sense of creative collaboration, the power of community. A sentiment that I continually strive to recreate. 


Hope you enjoy the repetitions and continue to follow along. @denisemgunter



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Denise Gunter